Safety in Academic Chemistry Laboratories: 8th Edition

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This publication provides students with an overview of the key issues related to the safe use of chemicals in the first two years of an undergraduate program in chemistry.

Some changes in the new edition include:
• A new introduction that sets basic laboratory safety information in the context of developing a culture of safety in chemical laboratories.
• A review of common personal protective equipment and various safety practices in laboratories.
• A guide to chemical hazards, how to recognize them, and sources of information about chemical hazards, including the GHS.
• An overview of safety concerns for many common laboratory techniques.
• An overview of safety equipment and emergency response procedures for fires, spills, and chemical exposures.
• The addition of sidebars, for interest and readability, and “In Your Future” sections for common laboratories hazards and concerns that are less likely to be encountered in introductory and organic laboratories but about which all students should be aware.
• A content shift from safety based primarily on rules to learning about safety through the RAMP (Recognize the hazards, Assess the risks of the hazards, Minimize the risks of the hazards and Prepare for emergencies ) principles.
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